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What is a sticker ?
Die cut stickers have no background. Once sticked, you see the wall or background where has been sticked the sticker around the sticker.

Why a sticker for your decoration?
It is easy to install. It is modern. And Stickers are fully customizable: you may easily choose the color, the size of your sticker to sublimate your decoration and to make it unique.’s stickers have been created by our designers and are only available on In order to find the sticker you like, you may navigate thanks to the menu on the left. Stickers are classified by styles, by locations and by types of vinyls. Of course, you may stick your sticker wherever you want.

What are the different types of stickers ?
Monocolor stickers: you may choose its size, its way, and:
- Amongst 24 mat or glossy colors
- Whiteboard ( in order to write with an erasable pen)
- Slate (to write on it with chalk)
- 4 colors of fluorescent vinyls
- Phosphorescent (beige during the day, it becomes luminescent the night)
- 5 colors of frosted effect vinyls

Those stickers are mass coloured with a transparent glue. You may then see your stickers from both sides of a window.

Multicolor stickers are printed stickers. You only choose your design, its size and its way. The sticker is printed on only one side.
Text stickers: write whatever you want, as you want, wherever you want!
You may create you customizable text sticker to stick your favorite quote, a first name on a door, a poem in a bedroom, a recipe in the kitchen, or  a funny story in the toilets … 
It is easy to order: you type in your text, you choose its font, its size, its color and that is it !
Click here if you want to see more examples of text stickers…

Where can I stick my sticker?
Simple, once again: Everywhere.
The surface has only to be flat, clean, smooth, and non greasy.


I can stick each sticker wherever I want !

Sticker customised texte

Ornament Flower Stickers

Heelflip Skateboard sticker

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